‘We cannot change the past, but we can change the meaning that we give to it’

prof. Bogdan de Barbaro

About me

My name is Renata Frichot-Manoury. Helping others is my mission and the supreme life value. I believe that each person has a different story to tell and represents unique needs which is why I base my work on the individual approach to the client. Most important is always and above all, the strong therapeutic relationship, only followed by the choice of techniques and tools. Everything that happens during sessions refers to the individual goals of the person with whom I work and remains in respect of their individuality and the resources they have.

I am fascinated by classic cognitive-behavioral therapy, but I am also close to the so-called third-wave approaches – ACT, MBCT, Motivational Interviewing and Schema Therapy.

I work both in Polish and English.

I am a member of the Polish Society of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy.

I work under constant supervision.

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